Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does Skittles--Ride 'em cowboy!!

Hi Everyone!!!  Anyone who knows me personally knows there is one thing i super love and that is COWBOYS!  Yes oh yes I love me some hot cowboys.  I love nothing more than to spend a day lazing around reading some hot cowboy romances by Lorelei James or Vivian Arend.  One day I hope to got to Montana or Wyoming and meet some live cowboys!

Until then I'll have to settle for some cowboy love skittles!!
This all started with a lovely gradient of Zoya Flynn and Louise
I was lucky enough to do this mani over at Stephanie's house on Saturday.  Lucky I say because she had the Konad s5 plate and it's all about the cowboy!

Here's some pics with flash to show off that bold gold!
I love this brown gradient!!!
It's so luscious and reminds me of chocolate lol!
Now that I think of it, cowboy's AND chocolate really are a great match!!


  1. Love it! Flynn and Louise are flawless together!

  2. Awesome gradient with fantastic stamping on top!

  3. You kill me with your inspiration! Fantastic skittle! :)

  4. Gorgeous gradient! Oh you and your cowboys! :)

  5. Love the chocolate gradient, yum!

  6. this cracks me up. Its the perfect YOU mani x

  7. Darn, I was totally hoping you used Suzi Loves Cowboys for the darker brown in the gradient! :) Still looks awesome though.