Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ssssssssssssflajo's Anaconda!

Hi Everyone!!!  When Jody asked me to review a polish from her Halloween collection I was ALL OVER IT!  Soflajo has some amazing polishes and I have loved every single thing I've reviewed for her as well as bought from her.  She thinks outside the box and always has a great theme behind her polishes.

She sent me a really cool scattered holographic shifting polish from her Halloween collection.  It's called Anaconda.  It's pretty amazing, it's even hard to describe!  It's a purple grey shifting polish that in the sun has a gorgeous holographic shimmer.

I took some pictures of Anaconda under the lamp as it was dark when I first got to put this baby on

The sun never did come out so I decided to do some nail art and did a couple of accent nails with Butter London Jack The Lad because it was sitting next to me.  I took them both to work with me to get some pics--they look great together!

I tried to get some good pics in the sun but it was pretty hard!
So how gorgeous Anaconda is??? A purpley grey!  I just love it!

And Anaconda looks fantastic with Jack the Lad--a great Halloween combo!
I went back inside and got pics at my desk with my make shift light box
Really pretty!
Hard to get a bottle shot though LOL!  Watch out for the ssssssnake!
I stared at the colors all day trying to decide what nail art I would do
It didn't dawn on me until I got home!!!
So here's an early Halloween mani if you will!!!  I stamped with China Glaze Cherish over Butter London's Jack The Lad using BM224 and added some snake eyes over Anaconda!
It's pretty cool!!!

Anaconda is part of Soflajo's Halloween Collection titled A Snake In The Hand Is Worth Two On The Toes.  It is available to purchase now along with the rest of the incredible collection which you can find HERE  Please stop by and take a look at the rest of the collection--they are all amazing!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you have a fantastic day!

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