Saturday, September 7, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does It Again--Love & Heartbreak

Hi Everyone!  Wow sorry I am SO late in posting today but I spent the day hanging with my son.  I got my hair cut today--trying to rock a Sharon Stone pixie/wispy look and then we went to go see Riddick.  I must say I was happy to see this Riddick a lot more like Pitch Black than the Chronicles of Riddick.  Both of us enjoyed it a great deal and I'm lucky he doesn't mind hanging with his mom from time to time

Today's post is love & heartbreak--WOW who doesn't know something about both of these things????!!!  Yesterday would have been my parents 51st wedding anniversary and today would have been my beautiful sister, Lisa's, 50th birthday.  We are a family who is well versed in both love and heartache.

Today I did a little something fun though and tried to look to those better days and better times.  I paired Zoya Dove with Hard Candy Mr Right and also OPI Alcatraz Rocks (which I am in TOTAL love with) for a mani about rock solid love!!
Just a pretty simple mani today but isn't that what love is???  The simplest of things?
I cut out heart shapes from some masking tape and found it's a lot harder to do than I remembered LOL!
Isn't OPI Alcatraz Rocks gorgeous???!!!! I love it!

Here's a pic without flash too, just as lovely!
My son is building a light box for me!! I think it will be a lot better to take pics in and colors truer for sure

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