Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Digital Dozen Does It Again--Halloween

Hi Everyone!!  A little crazy to have Halloween in September but today that's exactly what we're doing!  I had a lot of high hopes for this mani that just fell super flat!  I hauled out my green to silver changing topcoat and the new Sinful Colors I picked up--Slick to do some awesome stamping.  Only Slick is a color eater!  I tried to stamp both with white and yellow over it and it was a no go!  Even with 2 coats of Seche before stamping it turned my scary ghosts purple.  Scary ghosts are not purple!  UG!  So back to the drawing board!  Instead you're just getting a creepy spider web and spider!

The Color shift is pretty cool and you can definitely see a green to silver change
There might even be a smidge of a change with Slick as sometimes in the bottle it looks like it's purple to blue

this is what it looks like the most though, just a nice green and purple mani for Halloween!
Sinful Colors Slick is pretty dang gorgeous!  I thank my friend Jen for turning me onto to it
If I'm going to have a spider web and spider on my nails at least it's over some gorgeous colors!
At least I found out now I can't do any white stamping over Slick, hopefully it saves you from the same fate!

Check out what everyone else came up with for today!!

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  1. This looks so cool! Especially the spiderweb - and the colours are amazing :)

  2. Nice - please think about offering other ways to follow you - I prefer email - rarely I will opt for bloglovin if there is no other way to get a notice of a new blog posted into my email...but blogloving does not always work - they are late getting info out and their site is down a lot.

  3. love it - what is this slick stuff?! tell meeeeeee!

  4. These are so pretty! They remind me of Maleficent!!

  5. Loving the colour shift in these nails!

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  7. The shift is great and the color combo is awesome.

  8. Love the combo, very good choice of duochrome shades :)

  9. This are fantastic! The colors are amazing! :)