Thursday, September 12, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does It Again--Books!

Hi Everyone!  Oh I had the not so great feeling the other night when I remembered books came before fashion in the re-do!  Here I was all prepared for fashion when I needed to be getting a book mani done! OIY!  You would think this would be an incredibly easy task for someone who reads every single day.

So what happened?  Well what happened is I did a super cool mani and then had to go out and find a book!  Thankfully I had the perfect choice in my arsenal of books!!

The book I chose is Space In His Heart by Roxanne St Claire.  It's the story of Commander Deke Stockard--a mega hunky astronaut (and seriously how perfect is that name for an astronaunt hero??) and Jessica Marlowe the PR gal tasked with making all things Space spun just the right way.

Deke doesn't want to babysit the PR gal but at the same time he can't seem to get away from the totally sexy spell she has over him.  This is a romantic suspense and is there ever suspense in this one.  Watching Deke and Jessica fall in love was a fantastic read.  

So here's my Space In His Heart mani for today!
I haven't used my foils in a long time!  They look darn good!
I used the gold star burst one as stars go great with my space theme!
I also need black in here so I added that and then stamped with Maybelline Bold Gold and PUEEN05--I'm not sure why I felt the little triangle images were spacey but I did LOL!
And I ended up totally loving this mani!!

Here are some shots with the flash, it's harder to see the foil design but look how blingy it is!
So much fun!!
This book has two different covers!  You know they try to suck all of us romance readers in with a guys naked chest most of the time--here's the first cover
Then they decided to entice with eye candy!
naked chest and a little face stubble will suck you in EVERY TIME!

What's everyone else reading in my group???!!

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  1. Lol I need to check out this hunky astronaut book. Great mani!:)

  2. Lovely log! I'm your new follower. I would like ou to follow me! Kisses

  3. oOOOH! I love the little triangles, what a cool stamp image. And those foils - dang girl!

  4. Those foils are amazing! I really need to get me some.

  5. Ever play Asteroids back in the Dark Ages? That's what your little V's remind me of.

  6. Ever play Asteroids back in the Dark Ages? That's what your little V's remind me of.