Thursday, September 19, 2013

Has Anyone Seen Rod Serling?!

Hi Everyone!  I got home super late last night and I was just exhausted.  I'm really not a fan of days like that.  I need to have my "me" time.  "Me" time usually consists of being able to do my nails, watching some Discovery ID and of course reading.  It actually also involves playing Farm Heroes Saga but once again I'm stuck on that dang game!

I got packages up the wazoo last night too!  Packages from Darling Diva Polish, Red Dog Designs, my UV lite gel kit and the Pueen Love Elements set.  Just as I knew it would happen I am now on plate overload!  I got an order in from Aliexpress, the Pueen set is here, and I have orders from Messy Mansion, MoYou and Cheeky on their way to me! UG!

Tonight I'm heading to Michael's after work to pick up ANOTHER MELMER!  OH THE HORROR!!!  I vow to be done after this though.  If I have more polish than will fit into 12 drawers that is WAY too much like hoarding and I don't film well so I really can't wind up on Hoarders!

So because I didn't have enough time for nail art last night, and still wanting to keep up with blue theme I went with a Nabi magnetic!  It turned out super cool!  I love magnetics!
I was surprised how great this turned out the first time around!  Sometimes I have to redo a few fingers.
I have pretty curved nails so magnetics aren't always my best friend, but they look pretty good here!!
I really love how you get instant art with just a magnetic--no muss and no fuss!

No label on the bottom of my Nabi though, so I can't even say what this color is!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!


  1. How cool! I was just thinking about attempting a Twilight Zone manicure sometime in the future! I had been brainstorming how to go about it, and this is such a great way! Very cool.

  2. Props for the Twilight Zone reference! That's been my favorite show since I was little :) The mani totally fits!!