Friday, September 6, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does It Again--Art

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Friday!  Ooh I just love a short week!  I'm looking forward to this weekend too.  I need to finish doing some housework, need to make some new shelves for the chinchilla cages and I need to start putting away the summer clothes and getting out the fall and winter clothes!  I'm pretty excited about the the clothes putting away because by putting away the summer ones I mean getting rid of them as I've lost 32lbs so I won't be needing these babies come summer next year!!! Woot!!!!

Last weekend I had the best time meeting up with some nail polish friends of mine down in Chicago!  It was the Triple D's--Danielle, Diane and Deb along with Stephanie.  We spent the day looking at polish and trying new manicures and techniques.  I showed the girls how easy it is to gradient and do stamped nail decals.  We had so much fun we're talking about doing it again next month!

One of the manicures I did I considered a huge fail, so I stamped over it and something amazing happened!!! It turned into my Art post for today's Digit-al Dozen!!! HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT!

I honestly couldn't tell you what colors I used as I used the polishes Dani had down there LOL!
I simply blobbed on a lot of different colors and then stamped over it
I was lucky enough to borrow Dani's Cheeky XL Happy Nails plate for the stamping!  I loved the plate so much I ordered one of my own!

Now here's the really cool part!  When struggling for an idea to come up with I Googled Famous Art and under Modern Art look what I found!!
This is a piece of art created by Bruce Gray!  It's titled Raindrops.  I found it on his art site HERE

How amazeballs is it that my nails sort of look like the painting???!!! Happy Dance!!!

Let's see what my mega talented group of Dozeners came up with for today!

And you're probably sick of seeing it but we have a Spectacular September Giveaway going on right now and one very lucky person is going to win $200 to an etailer of their choice!!! TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!!

Read all about it HERE!


  1. What a fun happenstance! I'm sure it was beautiful before, but the stamping really transformed it!

  2. Lovely! Would love to follow you - could you please add a follow via email subscription or Bloglovin? I know many folks are looking for ways to follow and for those who don't use social media or understand how to deal with Google Frends Connect, email is always something everyone can get to and understand.

  3. Perfect!!! Very psychodelic and funny!!

  4. Awesome!! So bright and fun! :)

  5. These are so amazing!

    Congrats on the weight loss too :]

  6. these are freakin awesome! the yellow is perfect!