Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn Nails

Hi Everyone!  Holy cow did I have a major fail of a mani this morning!  I worked on a gradient for today's AIS challenge theme which is Autumn Nail and what I fully expected to turn out glorious and beautiful was a hot sucktastic mess!  Good lord it was ugly.  My friend James always tries to say I have no fails but I think we all know I have had some major fails!  I was able to recover this fumble though (how do you love that football analogy for football Sunday???) and do something I think is quite lovely.

The colors I chose today are Nails Inc Hamstead Gardens--one of those pretty "ugly" colors and Zoya Pepper and Toni.

Here's the craptastic gradient and stamping first
Yikes this is just a hot mess!  I didn't even clean up that great since I knew it wasn't staying on!
I did like how my thumb turned out though and I thought of doing the same gradient again with different stamping 
But I didn't!

Here's the ever elusive and rarely seen in the wild right hand--the one I refer to as my "man" hand.  I had stamped over the left and then realized I should have taken some pics of just the lovely Fall skittle!
Nails Inc Hamstead Gardens is that mustardy/baby poop yellow.  It's perfect for Fall!  The ring is Zoya Toni and really nice bordeux and the swear is Zoya Pepper--the perfect brick red!

I stamped using SA-02 with China Glaze Passion
I think it still says "Autumn" and it definitely looks better as a skittle rather a gradient!
I really like my new set of SA plates from!!
While the distinct difference between Zoya Pepper and Toni is harder to tell with the stamping over it, this mani is much better in my eye than the gradient.

Here's the Before and After shots though--YOU be the judge!

Heading over to a friend's for the Packer game!!!!  Hope my mani brings the Pack good luck!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. I think that they are both beautiful but maybe I prefer the 'before' one: it is more romantic!
    Otherwise the 'after' is really well executed.
    Have a nice first day of autumn!

  2. I like the gradient, but I think stamping with a contrasting creme (black, white, or deep green) might have helped it come together more!

  3. Can you possibly send me either a link or a title of the SA plates. I have a huge cart full of nail art items on aliexpress and was going to order them on Thursday and I love the manicure you just did & I know you love the plates so I trust your judgement. I love aliexpress. I've never had a single problem and have gotten loads of stuff there. If this doesn't give you my email address just let me know in a response to this and I will see it and pm you my email. Thanks Cheers