Monday, September 9, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does It Again--Geeks!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Monday!  I survived the 3k hike yesterday.  But man oh man oh man am I sore today!  I guess when you're used to walking around in a giant circle with no hills you get used to that.  Suddenly when you're taking  a trek through forest, a flock of geese on the ground and hill after hill you just aren't used to that!  I'm glad I went though.  33lbs ago I'm pretty sure I would have made it!

What a nail biter of a Packer game yesterday!  OMG!  Thankfully mind are all still intact but I really could have chewed them all off it was such an intense game.  We lost but since it was a tough game by both sides I'm sort of okay with it! LOL!

Today's theme for the Digit-al Dozen Does It Again is Geeks.  I had a hard time with this one at first because honestly what really is a geek?  Is it just someone smart?  Is it the person in school who had broken glasses and taped them together?  I had to do that once and I'm pretty far from a geek.  

When I went down to Illinois last weekend I had the chance to get my geek on!  I was just out the Cheeky Happy Nails plate and saw an image that I loved and BAM  geek mani in a snap!

No idea what the names are of any of these polishes :(  It it helps you they were all Funky Fingers Neons
I added the yellow dots thinking I'd ruined the mani at first but then after looking at them awhile I decided it really adds to it!
Thumbie is a pretty cool orange color!
This was a super fun and surprisingly easy skittle mani to put together!

Now let's see how geeky everyone else turned out to be!!

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  1. I love these colours :)

  2. Glad you DID add the yellow dots...they make this mani - it would look kind of bare without them. It's what helps pull it all together. Gee - guess I am a Geek since I am a clinical scientist and deal with DNA (among other things) all the time...whatever - don't hold it against's a hard can be a geek about anything - I know some bass fishing geeks, some car nurds...anything that is something you are not into that another really eats up can be sort of open game. The others seem to be coming up with the same issues on how to interpret this day's challenge!

  3. these are wicked. totally loving that you did it over neon!

  4. Such a creative mani! I love the neon bases and the yellow dots really do make it all work together :)

  5. I love how bright and fun your DNA is!! Fantastic! :)