Thursday, September 5, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does It Again--Festiveness

Hi Everyone!! Wow Festiveness how do you judge that one???  I don't know it's a toughie!  Festive means different things to different people.  Here in Racine we have a lot of "fests" Polish Fest, Amenian Fest, Greek Fest, Harley Fest, Summerfest, Serbian Fest, Beer Fest--you name it, we got it!

I was thinking about something that always seems festive though and I thought about some fireworks!  You just can't go wrong with those babies!  I did some firework stamping over a silver and gold gradient today
It's nothing too spectacular but I got to use my favorite "spermy" plate from BM20 on my middle and ring fingers.  I just LOVE this image for some reason!  I added some lovely firework bursts with BM02.  
I used a LA Colors silver and I never remember their names as it's on the packaging and not the bottle, and for the gold I used the gorgeous OPI Goldeneye.  

Pretty simple today but I think it packs a punch!

Let's see what everyone else came up with for today!

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