Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Where the heck did I go?

Hi Everyone!! Happy Hump Day!!!  Sorry I dropped off for a couple of days.  Monday marked 4 years since my beautiful sister, Lisa, died of breast cancer.  In all honesty I didn't feel like talking to anyone.  People try to say stupid things to you like, oh she's in a better place now, or time heals all wounds, or even it's been 4 years you need to get on with your life.  You NEVER get over the death of someone you love.  There isn't enough time in the entire universe and all of existence to get over that wound--trust me.  Instead all you can do is life your life in the gigantic void that's left behind.  Sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days.

My mother had to spend Monday without my father for the first time in four years.  He was her support and her rock and on the "anniversary" of the day Lisa died, mom had to endure it without my dad at her side.  All in all it's pretty craptastic.  BUT yes we all just keep on living in this gigantic void.  I have friends and family who messaged me that day and knowing they remember and having their support helped tremendously.

So here I am back in the swing of things!  It's hot here--yep 90 degree hot here so I guess summer has officially arrived!

I got a set of suedes from my super sweet friend Kim the other day so I just HAD to try a few of them out!  The are the W7 brand and they are all fabulous!  I got a total of 6--brown, black, silver, pink, blue and purple and I also got a no name light green one from Invogue.  I decided on a skittles using the blue, purple and green and then added a couple of Zoyas with a matte topcoat!!
Pinkie is W7 Aqua, ring is Invogue, swear is Zoya Amy, ring is Zoya Sarah and thumb is W7 Mauve
How gorgeous is this purple suede?????!!!!!!!
Did some fun stamping over it too!

This is from BM301
It totally reminds me of a circus!

I found you can matte almost all of the Zoya shimmers and get a cool suede effect.  The Irresistible collection looks amazing with a matte top coat!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. I'm in love with the effect of this mani - with or without the stripes *_* .

  2. oh i'm so sorry about your loss, laurie! it doesn't matter if it's 4 or 40 years, she will always be a part of your life.

    love your mani!

  3. It seems that whoever is part of your family must be among the luckiest people in the world! So much love!

    PS: Your stamping is, as always, great!

  4. Anyone who thinks you ever 'get over it' either has never lost anyone they love, or isn't quite human.