Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A tip for you!

Hi Everyone!!!  I've got a tip for you about what to do with all those tip images you get in plate sets.  I'm not really a french tip sort of gal but I also feel so guilty when I have plates I don't use!  I like to "stack" my tip images over my entire nail so I can get some use out of them.  Usually I go over my nail 3 times to get full coverage.

This time I used 2 images from BM218 to create this look!
Lining up on the nail sideways is the easiest way for me to double and triple stamp
I think they look a lot better as a full image rather than a french tip image!

I'm wearing the super gorgeous China Glaze DV8 with this--isn't it stunning?!

This mani is definitely a lot easier to work with LOL!  I did wear my spikes all day yesterday but since I had a lot of trouble with them when going to the bathroom I took them off.  It wasn't a "wiping" issue at all, it was an issues with trying to pull your pants up and down!  I was scratching myself in the process!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!


  1. OMG in love with the middle finger :)

  2. That's clever indeed! DV8 is so stunningly beautiful!! x

  3. This looks really cool, great idea :)