Friday, July 26, 2013

Owl be glad when it's over!

Hi Everyone!!!! Happy Friday!!!! Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days but I've been working a lot of overtime and I've just been so tired!  I've been doing 10 1/2 hour days so when I get home all I really feel like doing is eating and going to bed!  UG it sure is a big difference from being 20 to being 50!  Back in day I would get 2 hours of sleep and still be good to go for the day--not now LOL!

I do have a cute mani to show you today though!  Last year I got a package with some of the Funky Finger solar polishes from my sweet friend Holly.   It was a nice surprise package for sure!   I don't have any 5 Below stores here in Wisconsin so imagine my surprise when she sent me 4 of the polishes!  I also picked up a couple of the feather effect polishes from China Glaze's Horizon collection so I decided to pair one up with my Funky Fingers

I'm wearing Funky Finger Lil Miss Sunshine which looks like it changes to orange outside but really changes to a sweet little yellow!  I'm also wearing You're A Hoot by China Glaze.  I decided to keep with the owl theme and stamped some owls from DRK-B

This is Lil Miss Sunshine indoors
As you can see I added some colored dots as well.  I felt about like Sarah Smith LOL!
I do love the feather look polishes and you can easily stamp over them which I'm sure I'll be doing in the future!

Here's what Lil Miss Sunshine looks like outdoors
What a cute butter yellow!!!!

I took these pics outside my mom's condo the other night.  The neighbors were out and I'm sure they thought I was quite mad LOL!!!

I do really love thermal and solar polishes!  Can't wait to try out some more!

Thanks for stopping by!!!! I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. LOVE this mani! And that colour changing polish is to die for! Both versions look soooo cute! :D
    As for neighbours judging one's mental sanity, I think mine have catalogued me loooong ago as the neighbourhood's weirdo hahaha :D

  2. That is too cute! I like the way the funky fingers looks both ways with the rest of the mani! Love owls!