Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sssssssssssss Sunday Stamping Challenge

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Sunday!!!  I've got a fun Sunday Challenge mani for today!  I was really happy to see the theme of double stamping or shadow stamping for today.  I have a coworker who had a top on awhile ago that I took some pictures of.  I really loved her top and thought it would make an amazing manicure.  My coworkers are used to me taking pictures of them or their coffee mugs LOL!

I did some random sponging with Zoya Darcy, Thandie, Micky and Josie.  I am so pleased that I've used my summer Zoya's alot so far!  Last year I didn't use my Zoya summer collections near enough!  After sponging on my colors I used white with PUEEN10 over the entire nail, then I went back over it with random placement of PUEEN10 in black

I'm really happy how this turned out!
Maybe not as snake-ish as I'd hoped but still a really cool manicure!
This is the shot I took of my coworkers top--her name is Jodi
How'd I do with matching it?

Today is my nephew's graduation party and it's a gorgeous sunny day!  I believe we're only in the low 80's so definitely not hot enough to get me in the pool, but I'll get a bit of sun today!

Hope everyone enjoys their day!!! See you tomorrow!

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