Friday, July 5, 2013

Horse of a different color

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Friday!!  Most everyone at work is off today except for 5 of us who volunteered to work.  I'm really going out on a limb by wearing some wild neon today.  Since I'm the only one who will be on my side of the building I don't have to worry about blinding too many people.

I was going to do a yellow, green and blue neon gradient but then forgot and painted yellow over my whole nail instead of going straight to gradient LOL!  FYI blue over yellow makes green!!!  So this is a love yellow and green neon gradient.
I'm not too sure if this Konad plate M69 is supposed to be a tiger or zebra but it had the closest stripes to match my zebra face from Cheeky Jumbo 9
I do like this mani, it's wild and bold
Could it be this Neon Week is starting to grow on me???
Too bad zebras weren't really this color!
Only a couple more days of Neon Week left!!!  Wonder what everyone else has done for today???!!