Thursday, July 11, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does Tape Mani's Is it a face or candlestick???!

Hi Everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a great week.  Glad to see things are winding down.  I have a very busy weekend,  Saturday is our company picnic and Sunday is my nephew's graduation party.  I don't really feel old despite being 50 but thinking of my nephew--the youngest in "our" family going off to college makes me feel a bit old.  I still remember the day he was born!  Super cute baby and he's grown into a very handsome young man.

I stopped off to see my sister last night to see what kind of help she needed from me this weekend and in the process I snagged some craft scissors.  I haven't used any ever for a tape mani--probably because I hate tape mani's--but I thought "hey!! why not give it a try??"

It's not as easy as everyone makes it look, BUT I did get a couple of cool images from it!

I used one of my favorite blues for this OPI's Just Groovy
I really love the brightness of this blue--so great for summer!
I had a dickens of a time with these scissors though, it didn't want to work with scotch tape so I had to haul out the masking tape!
I like this effect though so I'll be practicing with these again
These two together made me laugh--is it a candle stick or is it a face??
It almost looks like the Alfred Hitchcock silhouettes to me!

I'm glad I don't have too many more days of this week though, I'll tell you that!!


  1. Love the design! I'm going with Disney faces...funny cartoon faces! :)

  2. This is really cool, I never thought of it being those faces when using that kind of craft scissor!

    1. Heather these scissors are a tapi mani haters best friend!

  3. I enjoyed the mani. I will admit the ring and pinkie finger look like hitchcock silhouettes. But the pinkie looks like a fat man with boobs. It made me chuckle.

  4. Love the figure-ground play with this tape design! So fun! That blue polish is super pretty, too!

    1. I seriously might need a back up of this blue Emma!

  5. It's totally one of those illusions! Love it!