Thursday, July 4, 2013

We interrupt this program for 4th of July!!!

Hi Everyone!!!  Happy 4th of July!!!! Since I'm celebrating my country's independence I'm skipping out on Neon Week for today.  This is a time to show some red, white and blue pride!

It's fabulous sunny day out today.  Not too hot, in the high 70's which is a welcome change from what it's been the past week.

I've got some country style pork ribs seasoned up with a nice mesquite dry rub and they'll be cooking in a few for some pulled pork.  I'm making up and nice red cabbage slaw to go with them.  We're debating on whether or not we want to cheat a little today and get ice cream--I guess only time will tell on that one LOL!

I'm going to spend the day lazing around reading some hot cowboy romances and of course doing my nails.  Digital Dozen is up next week so I've got to come up with some good ideas to keep up with those gals!

For today I have my 4th of July mani to show you.
I was super smart and ordered the Red Dog Designs Let Freedom Bling when it was available and man I love this 4th of July topper!!
It's full of red and white micro bar glitter and blue hexes with some added holographic micro and by micro I mean teeny bar and dust glitters AND holo silver stars!!!!

I have Ozotic 621 on for my red--one of my fave reds ever and Zoya Song on for the blue
Added just some stars though no stripes--I wasn't feel stripes with this mani I guess!

I hope everyone celebrating has a Safe & Happy 4th of July!!