Sunday, July 21, 2013

This mani is so hot it's 'bubbling' over!

Hi Everyone!!!!  Hope you are all having a great weekend.  It cooled down yesterday so last night we were able to open the windows and get some some fresh air!!! OMG fabulous!  It's supposed to be in the high 70's today so so far no a/c has been turned out.  Might make do all this week with some fresh air so let's keep our fingers crossed.

Today's Adventures In Stamping Facebook group theme is Your Favorite Color Combination.  Truth be told I don't really have a favorite combo.  I think we all know I love to gradient lol!  So any combination is my favorite.  A while back Zoya had a fabulous promo of two free Zoya's if you bought Zoya's Pixie Dust color in Liberty.  Since I am in love with the textured polishes I was all over that and in addition to Liberty I picked up Solange and Chyna as well.  Since I had this gorgeous yellow and red Pixie Dust in front of me I decided to add some oranges and hauled out Julie G Tangerine and Sugar Rush and a textured gradient was born!

I was really struggling with what to stamp over it--it is, after all, a stamping group, and I've already done a gradient similar to this with chilli peppers over it so I went with something completely different!!  

Man that Zoya Solange is stunning!!
I'm not going to lie you know yellow is my favorite color and I can't really wear it--I mean look how pale my skin is SO I really bought this for the name!!! I have a girly chinchilla named Solange!
I chose the bubble look from Cheeky XL D because I was watching Doctor Who last night--yes I'm a new fan of the show--and it was the episode about the Fall of Pompeii.  I thought the bubbles would make my gradient look like lava!

Thumbie looks great too!  Sometimes he gets the short end of the stick LOL!
Doesn't look like I did the best clean up job though!! HA!!  This is what happens when you do your nails AND watch Doctor Who at the same time
All in all I'm super pleased with this.  I really love textured polishes but only the sparkly ones, and stamping over them looks fantastic!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a great day!


  1. It looks fantastic! That's a really cool gradient, and I love the stamp you chose!

  2. I love this! Is it hard to do a gradient with textured polishes?

    1. It's not hard to gradient them at all! Just paint directly onto the sponge in the order you want and then press onto your nails!

  3. I didn't think stamping over textured polishes would work! Cool! I must try this :)

  4. This is really beautiful. I thought stamping over a textured polish wouldn't work at all but now I have to try it :)