Tuesday, February 19, 2013

When Mani's Attack Episode 17

Hi Everyone!  On Sunday there was discussion in the Adventures In Stamping facebook group why we have over a 1000 members but less than 100 people do the weekly challenge.  It's a challenge we vote on every week and even though we sometimes have over a 100 votes we're lucky if we get 50 people to actually do the challenge.  I'm not sure why this is.  I'm not really sure why we have over 1000 members in the group but it's always the same people posting pictures.

Some of the new girls said they are intimidated by the "professionals".  I had to laugh a little because while I've been blogging for a year now I am in no way, shape, or form a professional.  Sometimes my mani's don't turn out the way I want them too, sometimes they really suck.

When I started my blog I swore I would post all my mani's whether they are good or bad.  Last night was not a good night for me LOL!  After my ooooh looks super awesome rainbow in the dark mani this is the swill that hit my nails!
YIKES!  This baby is a hot mess!  There was not a single thing I liked about it!  And here I was thinking I'd be cool and do a mani ala Nailasaurus and um no.

I really think it's the white dots within my leopard I hate so much lol!

This mani lasted all of the 10 minutes it took me to take a few shots of it with this one being the best then BAM it was off.

This is what replaced it

I wanted to put For Audrey and Bluey together BECAUSE I keep For Audrey with my greens and Sheila from Pointless Cafe as well as Ashley from Ashley Is Polish Addicted both swear to me it's blue! Tiffany Blue!  

This is better but still not great!
I might have to concede to the whole For Audrey is blue thing though.  Next to the gorgeous Bluey is does appear blue!
I stamped using my DRK-A plate which I got at .  Now that my nails are long--thanks Rejuvacote--I'm loving my DRK plates!  And guess what you can buy Rejuvacote at Ninja Polish too!!

This is sort of a slap in the face after my awesome mani from yesterday BUT such as life.  We can't all be good all the time, we just can't.  Okay maybe some of my blogger idols can Colores de Carol, Let Them Have Polish, The Polish Perfectionst, Chalkboard Nails, Wacky Laki to name only a few but clearly I can't lol!

What do you all think about For Audrey--is she green or blue??

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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  1. I have never heard anyone think For Audrey is green... lol. Defiantly tiffany blue :D. I like the accent fingers!