Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The kindness of not so strangers

Hi Everyone!  I am constantly amazed how something as trivial and rather insignificant (in the scheme of things) as nail polish is that it's opened the door to amazing friendships.  Most of my "normal" friends don't get the whole nail polish obsession.  They think owning 5 bottles of nail polish is "alot" and would die if they knew exactly how many bottles I do own.  They think doing a different manicure everyday is extreme or even crazy.  BUT there's a whole other world out there and because of that I have met some really fabulous people and made so many "abnormal" friends.  At the touch of my fingertips through the magic of Facebook and Blogging I have friends all over the world--all because of a little 15ml .05oz bottle of colorful or sparkly goodness.

Before my assignment at my old job ended I had planned on buying all of the Bond Skyfall collection.  My assignment ended an entire month earlier than I was told--thanks alot drought!--and instead of buying the collection I spent my hard earned money on paying bills and keeping us clothed, homed and fed.  Crazy but true.  And I was glad for it, because some gals I know do the opposite when it comes to the nail polish obsession.

I knew the day would come when I would eventually get them but then one day there was a surprise package for me in the mailbox.  Whaaaaa? I didn't buy anything from Kara.  Oh no I didn't buy anything from her at all BUT she sure bought something for me.  My sweet friend Kara sent me the Bonds I wanted most!  I was so touched!  ( got them WAY back in November and hadn't even had much of a chance to wear any of them. One of them was her Majesty's Secret Service and it's hard sometimes with a flecky polish to figure out what you're going to do with it or how you're going to wear it so I haven't worn it until now.

When I first put it on I about died! IT. IS. GORGEOUS.  OMG!!!!! I could not stop staring at my fingers!  I didn't even pay attention to The Following last night because I was so busy staring at my nails!
I love all the complex sparkles of this polish--grey, silver, teal
Dark or light depending on how the light catches it
I stamped using the water marble image from BM320 on a couple of fingers
Honestly I didn't want to stamp over it at all I love it so much!
There are just times in my life when I feel so blessed and having a friend like Kara is one of them!

Kara isn't the only "nail polish" friend who has shown me incredible love and support.  These past few months have been very tough on me, I miss my dad and my sister so much.  Yesterday in the mail all the way from The Netherlands I got a package from Claude--Claudia really but I call her Claude. She is an awesome friend and always says stuff to make me feel better.  She calls me Tiger all the time and for some reason that just tickles me pink!

I cried when I opened this gift from Claudia
This is a key chain she made for me of my dad and my beautiful sister, Lisa.  Funny thing is this picture isn't "real".  Through pics I had posted on FB Claudia removed me out of each of these two pictures and photoshopped them together to make this.  It was rare in our family to have separate pics with our parents or each other.  So this is a special treat for  me.  And look at the charms!  I just love this and am SO moved Claudia would go to such lengths to make this for me.  It's day like this and times like this when I know my dad and sister are still watching over me.

I thank God everyday for the kindness of not so strangers.

I thank God everyday for all of you who stop by just to check out my fingers--I hope you all have a fantastic day!  


  1. What a lovely, heartfelt post :)

    And guess what??? :D I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check my blog post below to find out what to do next :)


  2. First things first: nailpolish friends are a very special kind of friends. I'm happy that Claudia could make you feel so special! :)
    and thepolish is gorg.

  3. this has really warmed my heart, thank you for sharing that, peoples kindness is truely touching xxxxx

  4. What an incredible gift!!! and what an incredible post that only shows what an amazing woman you are! You know, such good friends don't show up just like that. You need to be the wonderful person that you are to get it! ♥♥♥

  5. That key chain is so awesome it made me tear up.

    Everyone has a feel good habit, whether it's something they buy, a hobby they participate know what I mean. My sis spends more on clothes in year then I've spent in the last 10+. If I ever meet the friend that introduced her to her first gel mani a year and a half ago though, I'm going to give that woman a huge hug. My sis has paper thin nails, but at LAST, she understands the allure of beautiful nails. She still thinks the amount of polish I have is insane (I feel the same about her shoe collection, lol), but she no longer questions the time I put into manis, lol.

  6. I love the friends I have made through my nail polish obsession, and I really love how we all come together when a fellow 'addict' is in need, if they ask or not!

    How awesome was it to get suprise polish in the mail from Kara? And Claudia is so sweet for taking the time to make that keychain for you! Very thoughtful and cool!