Friday, February 8, 2013

A Clockwork . . . PINK!

Hi Everyone!!! First off let me start by saying I have survived Winter Storm Nemo.  We got a TON of snow though!!!  The roads are pretty clear this morning for me to get into work and we all got to leave a little early yesterday to get home.  It snowed ALL DAY yesterday!  Instead of having the typical meal of french toast for when you're snowed in--yes french toast as everyone goes out and buys milk, eggs and bread during a blizzard or possible snow in--we had a delicious meal of garlic and wine marinated chicken, cheesy broccoli rice and some peas.  I think that's the way to go from now on LOL!

Yesterday when I finally made it home I had the neatest surprise waiting for me!  My fab friend Michelle of Sonoma Nail Art made a pink Clockwork!  OMG yes she did!  A while ago I was talking to her about making a polish with different pinks and such for breast cancer but she was already working on her Scooters For Hooters.  Little did I know she remembered our conversation and took it to heart.  I got a note from her saying she made Pink Clockwork AND she sent a bottle to me!  And naturally I LOVE IT!  Clockwork is one of my favorite of all time polishes so this Pink Clockwork is like icing on the Clockwork cake lol!

I did a gradient with some Zoya's--Shelby, Lara and Reagan and then did just one layer of Pink Clockwork over it.  I whipped on an accent nail of Ninja Lisa, Paula and BL Chancer--which turned out fabulous and will be getting the full spotlight next week for a VDay mani.

Pink Clockwork is full of multi size different color of pink hexes and large silver hexes and silver bar glitter!
After I put this on I thought about how hot it would look over black so that's happening this weekend!
And here's the note from Michelle! OMG I just love her!
Sonoma Nail Art is having a sale today featuring Pink Clockwork at 1pm Eastern!  If you haven't bought from her you NEED too!  Her stuff is awesome!  I'm really hoping to pick up Tallulah today!  Here's the link to her ETSY shop 
I hope some of you are able to pick up Pink Clockwork.

Well I'm off to shovel out my car!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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  1. Which stamp plate did you use for your ring finger? I have seen it before but for the life of me I can't remember. Really cute mani!