Sunday, February 17, 2013

Only a niece could love

Hi Everyone!  Today's theme AIS aka Adventures In Stamping on facebook is NEON! Neon! what the flip?!  I know you all know I am not a neon fan, and I give my niece, Alex, a hard time for always wanting neon, but here I am rocking a neon mani. 

I did a gradient using the neons I have, they are starting to get low because Alex wants them ALL THE TIME! Ug that means I'll have to buy more neons!
I stamped using my DRK-C plate
I think neons are really hard to photograph.  They make my skin look orangey.
This pic is better for my skin tone
I like the thumb!  Turned Up Turquoise and Purple Panic make a cool gradient
Here's the cast of characters
That's a lot of polish to use for one mani!!! 

This does look summery BUT it's hard to think summer at all around here with the weather in the 20's and snow on the ground.  And here in Wisconsin it's going to be like that for at least another month!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a great day!