Saturday, February 9, 2013

Broken hearts do mend!

Hi Everyone!! Happy weekend!  What do you all have planned this weekend?  I'm going to do some shopping with my mom and spend some time hanging with my sweet grand nephew--Sean.  Winter storm Nemo passed and our official snow fall was 7.2 inches.  It looks GORGEOUS outside!  I'm going to try to snap some pictures of it when I head out this morning.  I know it makes driving difficult and no one likes to shovel but when you see the true beauty of a snowfall you forget about all of that.

Today I'm featuring ANOTHER Valentine's Day mani--let's face it I'll probably do so everyday until the big day arrives lol!  This one was was so easy to do especially with the help of a gorgeous velvet finish polish from Pure Ice
I did a crackle accent nail with Pure Ice Hot Couture over black--I love Pure Ice Crackles--I think they are the best Crackles you can get.  I cut out a heart image in masking tape, placed it on my finger and painted Hot Couture over the tape. I did a simple heart gradient by using the same heart cut out and gradienting with a sponge over it for the other accent nail. And my finishing touch was Pure Ice Stunning for the rest of my fingers.
I absolutely LOVE the Pure Ice velvet polishes!

Even in the shade this mani is adorable!
Thanks for stopping by today!!  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. I've seen this on FB before this is the best V-day mani I've seen this year *pure awesomness*

    1. It's so easy to do too! I'm thinking of doing a crackle heart skittle mani too!

  2. Really nice mani. Our total snowfall here was 35 inches!

  3. This is so pretty it makes me go awwwwwwww..... LOL
    Seriously, I LOVE it!
    And I don't know much about shoveling or driving in the snow but I LOVE seeing the pictures where evrything is white and smooth and look like white velvet with drips from the trees and all that... Would LOVE to see some pics!!!

  4. What an awesome idea for using crackle! I'm going to try this...:)