Monday, February 4, 2013

What's in a name anyway?

Hi Everyone!! Happy Monday!  A few months ago when my dad was sick, my sweet friend Wendy sent me a fantastic care package.  Wendy and I have been friends for awhile and she knows ALL my tastes and how much I love to read my "naughty" books.  I have a few nail polishes for the name only and call them part of my "special collection".  I was tickled pink when I saw Nars Orgasm in the package from Wendy.  It's not really a "me" color though so I haven't worn it until now.

Today I decided to pair it with SoflaJo's Black Dagger and oh my goodness, Winner Winner!! Chicken Dinner!!
This pic is rather fuzzy BUT it shows the color and name!
There that's better--how about that Orgasm????!!!!  I used it along with SoflaJo's Black Dagger and stamped using BM314
I don't smoke but if I did I'm sure I'd have to have a cigarette after this smoking hot mani!
Man I love the dark black of SoflaJo's Black Dagger!  It's just a perfect black matte!!! And did you know it's virtually impossible to find a black matte out there!  You can buy Black Dagger at her site though!  Check it out HERE
I love how you don't have to be perfect with your application as you cover up uneven lines with the striping polish!!!

I'm writing this post up at about 8pm on Sunday night--so far the Ravens are kicking the 49'ers butts.  One thing making me laugh is the fact they had to stop playing because the power went out.  UM we have played in snow, rain and even  ice at Lambeau Field for crying out loud!  Babies I tell ya!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. This is such a sexy polish! yeah, Orgasm i indeed a special name and it works great in here!
    And since you reminded the cigarette, I can totally see an image of this hot sexy lady wearing some fishnet stockings with those umm... how are they called? suspenders? holding the stockings under the black leather short skirt and she's holding a thin cigarette between long thin fingers...
    Talk about naughty books - this is deff a naughty mani!! LOVE IT!!!

  2. Loooove this look Laurie! It's so perfect and so you naughty girl!

  3. These are simply fantastic! I need to try this asap!!!

  4. My Orgasim (polish you dirty monkeys) is really thin. Did you layer it over anything to get the opacity?

    Thanks. Love this mani!!!

    1. I had to do 3 layers to get it this color AND they were pretty thick layers

  5. Dang Laurie, you are on another level lately with all your awesome manicures. This is outstanding.

  6. Wow! Love the colors together and the design is awesome.

  7. Wow, this is a perfect pin-up manicure! two thumbs up for you :)

  8. They probably had all kinds of liability issues with half the lights out. Besides, we'd not have been able to see that incredible return on the second half kick off. You know the winning coach said on Letterman tonight that he and his little brother (aka, the 49'er coach) still haven't spoken?! So grown up of them. Bet the Mannings don't act like that.

    I love this mani. It's not my kind of color either, but it's such a perfect, naughty classy combo.