Sunday, February 24, 2013

Getting my nerd on!

Hi Everyone!  Today's theme for the Adventures In Stamping Challenge--is Nerds!  Nerds???? For real?! UG!  At least that's what I thought at first.  I don't know a single thing about Nerds really.  I mean sure I saw the movies Revenge Of The Nerds when I was young, and yes I know what The Big Bang Theory is, but Nerds?  I'm not very nerdy so I actually thought about not doing this challenge.  Yep, I honestly was going to pass on it.  But I got to thinking and I have not missed a single Sunday challenge in the group since it's inception over a year ago.  While we keep getting more and more members into the group we don't have very many participants in the challenge.  So I knew I had to pull out the stops, pull up my big girl panties, and do something for this ding dang challenge!

Since I'm not a "cute" plate person I didn't have any nerdlike image plates either.  Or let's just say ones that came immediately to mind.  I did a google search based on an idea I had and then I hauled out ALL my plates and started scouring through them.  Unfortunately for me the Cheeky 2012 set had an image on it I knew would work.  I say unfortunate because the small round Cheeky plates are too small for my nails.  SO I did the only thing I could do and cut down my nails! OMG is that dedication or what.  While they might not appear short to everyone I look at them now and go oh my god look at these shorties!

After settling on the image I picked out I remembered seeing the cutest design on Frippery Digits awhile back and sure enough I had it saved in my favorites folder.  I feel a kinship with Frippery because we both have Digits in our blog names LOL!

This is the Nerd mani I came up with for today's challenge!
I used Sally Hansen Ivy League which is a bit dupey of my fave China Glaze green, Cha Cha Cha because I saw this pic when I was googling germs
I looked through all my plates trying to find something like this then found the Cheeky CH09 plate which really looks like molecules and I said HUZZAH!  I have a winner here.
At first I was just going to go with the CH09 but then I remembered Frippery's cute germ mani she did so I decided to add the "germs" from BM209 and BM212 and this turned out alot better than I had hoped!
And I really do love this green!  The fiery gold shimmer in it is just to die for!
In the shade it almost takes on a metallic type appearance--flat but still really pretty!
Ah who am I kidding?! It's the golden shimmer that just knocks this color out of the ballpark!
Oooooh Aaaaaah golden shimmmmmmmmmer!!!

This is where I first saw Frippery's germs!  This mani she did is AHdorable! Make sure you check it out HERE!!!!

I'm glad I didn't give up on the challenge today.  I'm sad I had to cut down my nails, but you now what? They'll grow out!

Today my mom and I are going to see The Silver Lining's Playbook.  She's a retired nurse, I wonder what she'll say when she sees me with these germs on my nails LOL!

Thanks for stopping!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Omg, this is beyond cute! I love it :)

  2. Thanks Chester! I must admit it turned out a lot better than i had anticipated!

  3. That is way too neat! Great manicure!