Friday, March 13, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Nature--Ssssssssnake!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Friday!!! I hope everyone is having an excellent last day to their work week.  I am happy to report today I can actually taste and smell! Woot!  I'm still coughing BUT those uncontrolled bouts where you son thinks you might actually be dying seem to be over.  I think I am finally on the mend--thank goodness.  I was getting so sick of being sick!

I don't have much planned for Friday the 13th EXCEPT the Homicide Hunter marathon that starts tonight on Discovery ID.  I might watch a scary movie though too.  I'm a scary movie baby but every once in a while I like to find a good one with the least amount of gore involved.

Today I'm showing a cool snake manicure.  I saw a picture recently if a red sided garter snake and thought wow for a snake you are really quite lovely so I decided to recreate him!
As you can see from my mani this is a pretty colorful snake
He's supposed quite harmless (LOL!)  but truthfully most garter snakes are it's just still he's a snake therefore he will scare the beejubs out of me making him not all that harmless

Here's a picture of him
And here's my mani
And I been feel a little better I think I would have redone it to have less of the aqua color but all in all I'm happy with how this turned out.  AND even better I got to use the new XL Bundle Monster image plates so this snake image finally isn't too small for my nails

Here we are all together

I think this has just been another great week for the Ditgit-al  Dozen everyone came out  for this one with guns blazing and despite a few of us did floral and a few of us did snake no one did anything the same!  I love it when that happens!

 I'm popping over to check out everyone's last day


  1. cute nails

  2. Sounds like you're on the upswing!

    Sssssssssnake looks great!

    Have fun trying to sleep tonight after watching all those scary movies; obviously they don't bother you, but you are really pressing your luck, it being the13th and all!

  3. I love snakes! He's a gorgeous one and the nails are stellar too!

  4. Hi Laurie, I'm glad you're feeling better. Seems like a lot of crud has been going around these past couple of weeks. I'm scared of snakes, I'm scared of scary (gory, women-abusing) movies and TV shows, BUT I like your nails. =)

  5. That's a gorgeous snake - well, for a snake. And you recreated his colors perfectly! Love this mani!

  6. That is one hell of an amazing mani. The colours are spot on.

  7. This looks perfect alongside your inspiration! I definitely would have freaked out had I seen that snake in person.

  8. Bah! These are so awesome! The color placement is perfect!

  9. ok, his colours are striking but I still jumped back from the computer when I saw him! Eeeeek. Great version x