Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Challenge--Black & White

Hi Everyone!  Sorry I've been so MIA but I am just not feeling great these days with that barking cough cold so I haven't been feeling to nail artsy.  I managed to pull it together today and participate in the AIS Sunday Challenge with a nice black and white mani.  Lucky for me I also got to haul out my beloved Voodoo Doll by Nailventurous which is like one of my top fave polishes of all time.  I've got to use this baby very sparingly since Amy isn't making polish anymore.

I'm trying some new watermark areas in my pics too  because . . .
I finally got a smart phone and am now on instagram! LOL!  I haven't posted anything on IG yet because I'm very behind the times but I'm going to do my  best to get all my Digital Dozen posts up on IG this upcoming week as well as the blog and FB.  OIY I never thought this day would come.

You should have seen me the first day I had my phone!  OMG I could not figure out how to stop it from buzzing with facebook notifications.  Then I couldn't figure out how to answer a call.  Lastly I think I called people every time I just tried to send a text.  Honestly I think my son was ready to throw the phone out the window LOL.

But I'm a lot more under control now and I might have, sort of, figured it out.
I'm trying out these watermark which seems super tiny
If you're old like me you can barely see it!
It's going to take some getting used to I think.  I am definitely more use to seeing this on my pics!
Change is good though right???????!!!

Tomorrow is Digital Dozen week!  I think it's going to be a really cool week.  Make sure to stop by and check it out!


  1. i love black nails... happy women s day.

  2. I love love love this mani! I love how crisp the stamping is!