Friday, March 20, 2015

Stained Glass!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Friday!  And it is a glorious Friday at that!  I am happy to report no coughing at all so far today! Yes that is cause for celebration!  My strained voice is finally gone, no more coughing and I'm pretty sure I can smell again.  I sure hope so since tomorrow I'll have corned beef cooking in beer for several hours!

A couple of weeks ago I was thrilled when I received the entire Bridal Collection set from Messy Mansion to review.  Messy Mansion has been doing exceptional plates for sometime now and this Bridal Collection set is no exception.  They are the perfect size for my nails width wise and plenty long enough for my long nails too.   Not to mention they are etched to perfection!

I was really eager to get started on doing some mani's with them and then BAM struck down by cold from hell.  So naturally since I was feeling a lot better last night I sat down to start working with them.  I picked the 04 plate right off the bat as it has some really unique images on it.  With the help of some sheer tints from Polish 10.1 I did some leadlighting and came up with this fantastic stained glass look!
I stamped over Milani 3D Holographic Hi-Tech and then did some added leadlighting with 10.1 Polish in Blueberry Blue and Lemon Cupcake.  As it turns out Lemon Cupcake is not that visible in the light LOL!
If it was a sunny day out I'd get out there and get some pics outside but nope cloudy as all get out today
I really do love how this turned out!  The ease of a dotting tool made this leadlighting easy to do too.  Leadlighting is actually a technique the stamping world took by storm after Julia from Messy Mansion first coined it

I love this image from the Messy Mansion Bridal 04 plate.  It is perfect for a stained glass look and it has a ton of potential with decaling as well.  I know this is an image I will use again.

Messy Mansion plates can be found on their site HERE as well as through

If you're like me--too lazy to make your own sheer tints--you can find the 10.1 Polish sheers HERE 

Thanks so much for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!