Monday, March 23, 2015

Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday--@Firefly5!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Monday!  Good thing I had my flower power mani on yesterday because today we have snow again!  Not as bad as other areas in Wisconsin have I think we only got an inch or so but still our green grass is looking like a white blanket again.  The good news is with it being March and almost the end of March this snow is definitely not going stick around.

Today is the Monkey See, Monkey Do Challenge in the Advanced Nail Stamping group.  The group we all lovingly refer to as the ANUS group because despite being adults we are all totally juvenile lol!  A few of us got together and recreated a favorite mani we had seen from each other or online somewhere.  I knew right away what mani I was going to recreate.  My fab friend @firefly5 over on Instagram has the coolest manicures ever.  I just love her.  AND she's super nice so I really wanted to try to recreate something I had seen her do several months ago for a MoYou Contest.

Here's what I came up with
Yep just look at this!  I had to decal the heck out of this baby!
It wasn't easy I swear there is not a brush skinny enough to ever do something like this!
I used one of my new XL Bundle Monster plates though and loved it!
This is the XL03 plate it's really cool

Here's a close up of the mani
See what I mean about the skinny brush??? OH MY LANTA!

Now here's my inspiration the super cool mani by @firefly5
Why I love hers--it's so bright and cheery!  She switched up her colors instead of doing strictly rainbow colors in order like I did.  I guess I just don't have her creativity LOL!

Here's a side by side pic of them
She holds that blue thing in all her pictures.  I have no idea what it is!  I should ask her.  I had to improvise with a bottle.

I love doing Monkey See, Monkey Do mani's they are a lot of fun!  

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


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  2. This looks absolutely amazing! Very well done :D

  3. Freaking awesome - I still have no idea how it's possible to pull it off though.