Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy New Year's Day!  Today in Wisconsin we are ringing in the new year with snow, snow, snow and then some more snow!  Nice to be able to sit it and watch it come down from the outside!  We are still having our bitter cold weather too.  I'm spending my day reading, working on some nail art ideas for the weeks to come and watching my beloved Discovery ID channel!  
I recently bought A TON of nail polish so I want to make sure I'm using it and not socking it away.  I really want to make 2014 the year I don't just carelessly buy and not use the polish I've bought.  It happens to a lot of us in the nail polish community we buy and buy and buy when we already have enough polish to last a lifetime so we end up not even using the polishes "we just had to have".
I'm also going to focusing on using the plates I have as well.  I have bought a lot of plates as well and I find I get them and don't use them.  Seriously, I just bought 4 Messy Mansions but haven't used the 12 MoYou I got, or the Pueen Love Element Set nor have I really used the last 2 Bundle Monster sets! This just needs to stop LOL!
My vow for 2014 is to use the polish I buy and not set it aside and buy more; to use the plates I have and not keep falling back on images I've already used or have used time and time again.  I'm letting you all call bull on me if you see me using something tried and tried over and over again.

I did want to showcase and highlight some of what I think were my best mani's of 2013.  I tried to narrow it down to ten and that was just a ridiculous concept considering the fact I do my nails just about every single day!  So in no particular order let the pics begin!
I did 2 butterfly mani's this year I loved, this gold sparkle one and this gradient blue one

I went a little wild with some animal print, doing 2 zebra looks I really liked

I did a couple mani's to match my clothes--or someone who I worked with lol!

I had a super fun french tip neon gradient this year too!
Sometimes I went really simple and it turned out stunning

Sometimes I didn't do anything simple at all and it turned out stunning
I went crazy a few times with studs and spikes this year and each time I loved it!

Remember when I matched my friend Jen's shoes and purse?
or when I did this totally impractical collar recreation?
I also did this one my first sugar spun mani with some black studs
I feel in love with textured polish!

I did a lot of mermaid and dragon looks!

I had to survive an entire year without my dad, and it sucked
Many of my friends call me the Gradient Queen
of gradients both bright and dark

Through it all I just love to stamp

Thanks so much for being with me in 2013--I hope 2014 brings you all my love, happiness, joy and success!


  1. What a great range of manis! Looking forward to seeing more nail art and stamping in 2014

  2. Maybe there's a pill, or something, that we can take that makes buying polish & stamps less of a NEED....hah!!! LOL.
    What a nice re-cap - it was fun to see these again. Happy 2014!

  3. I love your manicures! where can i find those with butterfly on your blog? i was looking fo but didnt find it! and I WANT TO DO IT!! >...<

  4. Loving this nail summary of yours! Great idea, and they look great~ I should try out the butterfly wing one, though I ack the talent to do all my nails, I'm sure I can try and wiggle my way through to do an accent nail~ Happy New Year :)

  5. Hi Laurie,

    I am a web editor for Nail It! Magazine, and I'm enjoying your blog! Would you be interested in doing a tutorial for one of these designs you posted here - you can email me back at, and I'd love to set this up!

    Thanks, and talk to you soon!

    Sarah Emick, Nail It! Magazine