Wednesday, January 29, 2014

There's so much beauty in the world

Hi Everyone!  Hope everyone is doing well.  We are finally get rid of the super chill again in Wisconsin and possibly warming up for the weekend.  I don't know about any of you but I am pretty much done with Winter.

To help with my Winter blues I decided to put on the most gorgeous and glorious red on the planet--yes I hauled out my beloved OPI Vampire State Building.  It is hands down my favorite red ever and probably always will be.  Today I paired it with the very lovely Elevation Polish Kita and really a star is born!
I love this vamp red SO MUCH!
And pairing it with the steel grey of Kita was a damn great idea!
Kita is one of those polishes that looks okay in the bottle then you get it on and go WOW!
I tried some double stamping on the middle finger!
I'm so happy with how this turned out!
This definitely helps thaw the frozen all around me LOL!

Do you all have a favorite red of all time?  I'd sure love to hear what it is!


  1. That is a great pairing! I love the double stamping too--gives it so much depth. Great job and it is so fun to read a happy post like this! I can feel the cheer it gave you :D

  2. the double stamping is gorgeous, laurie!! and you're right about Kita, it looks much better on the nails :)

  3. Everything is wonderfully done! Great look! Your stamping is perfect! :)