Monday, January 6, 2014

Following A Tutorial Week

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday!  This week my friends and I are doing mani's inspired by a tutorial.  When I first started stamping my nails I was pretty voracious in following tutorials and searching the internet for pics of mani ideas.  Tutorials are so helpful when it comes to mani's especially when it's a new to you technique.

But sometimes a tutorial is just about an incredibly beautiful manicure and that's why I've chosen this tutorial from Ashley at Ashley Is Polish Addicted 

She did a great mani with the Zoya Summer Pixie Dusts.  I didn't have all of them so I had to switch out the light purple I got from Forever 21.  This really does look like a snow cone!
I really love the textured polishes and love gradienting with them!
I tried to mimic Ashley's hand pose but I can't quite get it LOL!
Thanks for such a great tutorial on this AWESOME mani you did Ash!!