Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dior Day!

Hi Everyone!!!  I'm a bit late--okay a lot late getting post up today LOL!  A few of mine friends and I are posting some mani's with our Dior's.  A few of us are new to the glory of Dior nail polish and a few of us are old hat's when it comes to owning them.  No matter who you are to them--new or old, one thing is for sure, it really is about quality and not quantity sometimes.

I have a few Diors. My new found obsession with them started when I bought myself the Les Violet's Collection for Christmas.  I always thought the hoopla about them was a little over the edge but then I got them.  And put them on.  And then I died a little inside.  Glorious!  Glorious!  Glorious!  Just like Chanel, Dior goes on just like butter!  Of the 7 (soon to be 9) I own there is not a single one that isn't almost opaque with one coat!

Today I decided to match my Dior Blue Label with accent nails of Zoya Natty and Elevation Polish The Arches II.  All the colors go so well together!
First up some pics under the light, I really love dusky blue
I stamped using my new plates from CiCi & SiSi.  This design is from plate 02 of the 2nd set
Here's some pics with the flash which to me brings out the true color of the gorgeous The Arches II from Elevation Polish
Ooooooh!!!! Aaaaaaaaah!!!
yummy, yummy, yummy--won't you take me to gorgey town!

Be sure to check out what Dior everyone else put on to wear today!

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