Monday, January 20, 2014

Before the break

Hi Everyone!! Happy Monday!  I got to spend a bit of a leisurely day yesterday and while doing virtually nothing for a few hours I had some time to go through some of the pics I took of mani's I never posted!  OMG it was sort of heartbreaking as there were some darn good ones of my beautiful long nails.  I decided to haul them out and post some this week!

Today I am showing you the mega lovely Elevation Pic du Gar with Color Club Eternal Beauty stamped over it
Pretty swirls!
I don't know which I like better, these nice long nails or my short more practical for typing nails!
One thing is certain I love this Elevation polish!
What do you all think---long nails or shorter nails--which do you prefer?

Hey! Did you know that even though Monochrome week is over you can still enter the Digit-al Dozen Giveaway!!

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  1. As mine get longer (mostly because I hate filing and shaping) I assure myself I like them that way, but when I finally file them down (not clear to the finger tip, so not nubby nubbins), I really do like them better. Easier to paint. Harder to break. Healthier. Oh, and easier to use my hands normally.

  2. I sure liked it better when you only had to be following the blogs. I'm sorry, but I just don't want all those posts on my FB wall.