Saturday, June 1, 2013

Heyyyyyyy Baby what's your sign?

Hi Everyone!!!! Happy Saturday!  Oh we have a much nicer weekend than last weekend wouldn't you just figure!  The sign is shining and it's already 74 degrees!  We should have a camping rewind!  Oh that would be awesome because then I wouldn't melt my camera if I had a do over LOL!

I've been up since the butt crack of dawn--LITERALLY--I woke up to a cat butt in my face.  Rufus loves to snuggle but he always has to be butt first lol!  And if cat butt in your face isn't bad enough I was awoken at 1:30 am by some REALLY bad drunk singing by the neighbor next door.  Dude stay away from American Idol AND The Voice!  

Now that I'm awake though I'm hauling out one of the loveliest matte's I have AND I was the first person to get it!! Woot! Woot!  Woot!  Yes I am tooting my horn!  

Awhile back Soflajo had a little contest on her FB page asking to see your Cinco de Mayo mani's.  I posted one and I won!  She sent me a polish in her new upcoming summer collection and it is TO DIE FOR GORGEOUS!
An aqua matte!!! Full of sparkle!!!

See this??????? It means I'm the first person ever to get this polish!!!!!!!!
I paired her with LA Girls Teal Dimension which is also quite lovely!
Did you see how many exclamation points I've used in this post already??!!!

I just cannot say how much I love this polish!  I did a little stamping over the Teal Dimension so as not to take away from the beauty of My Sign Is Aqua-rium

Yep I hauled out my skelly fish just for the occasion!
Man I love that skelly fish image SO much!
This is just a super fun mani if you ask me!  I used BM04 (skelly fish) and Cheeky XL Wild At Heart plate for the stamping
Fun all the way around!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday starts my Leopard A Day Week!!! I'm kicking it off with a MSMD mani I stole from my internet daughter Rebecca Likes Nails!!


  1. LOL. Exclamation points well deserved...this is a gorgeous color! Lovely stamping too. Awesome mani all the way around. :)

  2. I love that polish!! So pretty!!

  3. What a beautiful color! The pairing you did is excellent and I love the stamping too!! And love the exclaimation points as well!!! Can those ever be overdone? lol

    1. LOL!!!! You can never have too many (or not enough) exclamation points in life!!!!!

  4. Omg love it :) I also have a glittery post on my blog