Monday, June 3, 2013

Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday--Rebecca Likes Nails!!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Monday!!! This week is my Leopard A Day Week!!  I decided awhile back how much I love leopard print and it's just my "go to" print design.  So I thought why not do a leopard mani a day for week!  I'm SO excited to be able to whip a MSMD mani in there too!  Many of you may know that my internet daughter is Rebecca of Rebecca Likes Nails.  She was my very first "nail polish" friend and she's helped me TREMENDOUSLY to get where I am today.  She even recently revamped my blog for me!!!! Did you see those mermaid scales???!!!  Yep that was her all her!  She knows me SO well!

She did a super cute french tip mani based on ANOTHER friend of ours Leslie from Polish Art Addiction so this is like a Monkey See, Monkey Do Rebecca Likes Nails likes Polish Art Addiction!! LOL!

Here's my Neon Leopard to get us started this week!
I don't often "do" french tips because my nails are quite yellow.  They are very porous nails and no amount of basecoat can save them.  They don't see the sun or get air so they yellow.  If I don't wear polish they break, you see my dilemma here right????
I did buff them recently just to be able to do some different art and so far so good.  I've decided to take a pic every single day of my bare nails to see how long it takes before they yellow.  This should be a fun project for all of us to see!

This is also my first foray ever into freehand leopard spots.  I don't think I'm very good at it!

Now let's see some comparison pics of mine, Rebecca's and Leslie's!

You can see Rebecca's post HERE and Leslie's post HERE

So there you have it!  Day one of Leopard A Day Week--what do you think?

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