Thursday, June 27, 2013

Still finding out the hard way!

Hi Everyone!!!  I did a really cool holo gradient a while back and killed it by using topcoat but I still loved the colors so I did it again.  I found out the hard way though Nabi and Seche Vite just don't like each other!  After stamping white over my gradient and then topcoating it, my white didn't stay white! UG I hate when that happens.  So I redid everything, stamped and left it without topcoat--which was SUPER hard for me to do

Here we have it with no flash
I topcoated the gradient but did not topcoat again after my stamping.  And it looks good, nice and white.

Here it is with flash, you get a teeny smidge of holo
But definitely not much!
But here's what I noticed after the day wore on, even my white was "sinking" into the gradient because now it was looking pinkish!
CRAZY!  Still looks good but definitely not the bright white it was when I first stamped.

My gradient is Nabi Holograms Pink Flamingo, Purple and Dark Purple.  I stamped using BM312.

Ever have this happen to you with certain colors or brands?  I've seen this happen with Kleancolor purples as well!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Hey ;)
    It looks so pretty!
    But I know the problem. If my topcoat doesn't smudge it usually makes my silver or white stamping look a different colour. That's really annoying.

    I love you blog and you posts!
    Maybe you've got a little time to visit my blog?

    Have a nice evening!

  2. It's not the topcoat that is the problem, it's the Nabi. My Nabi polishes bleed too, but it helps me to topcoat the Nabi before stamping and then again after having stamped :) My Wet n Wild Spoiled polishes are bleeders too.

  3. I have had this with a couple of polishes when I stamped white over them! So I figured I'd stop using white :)
    Love the gradient!!

  4. Love those colours together! and your stamping as always is stunning!