Thursday, May 30, 2013

Monkeying Around with Raspberry Tart!

Hi Everyone!!! Have you ever had that time in your life where you had to eat crow and then found out it's totally delicious???!!  I have been long time NON fan of glitter polish in a colored base.   I didn't get why so many people loved it.  It just was not for me.  Recently Red Dog Designs put out her Berry Friends collection and since Gina's my friend I bought a couple.  And holy cow i am in love with both of them AND they are glitters in a colored base!  Go figure!!

I've shown you Lemon Meringue already and today i have on Raspberry Tart.  I just love it!!
I absolutely love how despite there being a colored base it really doesn't cover up the great colors of the glitter
And there's a lot of yummy goodness in these glitters!
And how adorable is this stamping?  I used the new Cheeky Wild At Heart plate.

I'll definitely be going back for me of the Berry Friends over at Red Dog Designs because these are just too good to pass up!

Not sure what's happening with me suddenly loving matte's and these glitter in a colored base polishes!  Next thing you know I'll be in love with neon and the speckled type polishes!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!


  1. This is so adorable, you used the right word!

  2. Love it! I am dying to get the whole new cheeky jumbo set but it isn't in the budget for a little while. I love me some monkeys.

    1. I'm on mega plate overload so I'm just getting a couple at a time. I snagged this one awhile ago and would like Happy Nails. The shipping is so cheap for just one plate so I feel like I'm good getting one at a time lol!