Friday, June 28, 2013

Butterflies are free to fly

Hi Everyone!!  Happy Friday!  I sure am happy to see it here!  I don't have a whole lot planned for the weekend.  I'd like to get a few meals made up to have ready for work the next week.  I've been doing low carb and I'm in a bit of a rut so I'm looking for new recipes to give a whirl.  I'm especially wanting something different for breakfast.  You can only enjoy so much eggs and bacon for breakfast for crying out loud!  

To kick off this weekend right I thought it was time for another rim job!  Oh yeah you cannot go wrong with a good rim job I like to say.  That's a shout out to my gals and guys in WON!!!!  I did a gorgeous butterfly wing mani using OPI Golden Eye with OPI Sparkle-cious over it.  I loved it so much I've got shots of it without flash, with flash and shots of it in the car with the sun shining through the moon roof!!

Here are the shots in natural lighting aka work lighting
Look at that sparkle!!!!

GAH! Could it get more stunning???!!!

Yes it can check it out with flash!
OH    EM     GEEEEEEEEEEEEE ! ! ! ! ! ! 

Do have this plate from Nail Craze??? It's NC01!!!

How many times have you sat next to someone in a parking lot or at a streetlight and they were taking pictures of their nails??  If you answered at least once it might have been me you were sitting next too!

Here are shots of the sun beaming down through the moon roof!

In case all these pics blinded you and you can't remember what I said about this mani I'll recap for you.  This is one coat of OPI Golden Eye with two coats of OPI Sparkle-cious (which I've had 2 years and never wore).  Stamped using Nail Craze plate NC01 and China Glaze Passion for the dots on the wings

What do you think about this rim job???  

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!