Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Laser Light Show!

He Everyone!  A very stormy Tuesday to you all!  We have had non stop storming since 2 am!  Luckily we haven't lost power.  Losing power in the summer is no fun when you have 10 chinchillas!  It means packing them all up and getting them to somewhere with air conditioning.  A few times we've had to drive down to Illinois to stay with some breeder friends I have down there.

While I don't have any lightening nails to show you I do have a laser light show looking manicure.

I'm not entirely happy with hit.  Some of the darker neons such as the blue and the purple you can't really see
I also think I should have striped diagonally instead of horizontally
I used BM316 for the stamping and it's a bit tough with the reverse images as you want the black to show up darker than it usually does and I had a bit of balding I had to doctor up
It's definitely a fun mani though!  And a nice way to maybe tone down some neon!

Thanks for stopping by!!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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