Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Eye Of The Tiger

Hi Everyone!!!!  Today I'm "tipping" some A$$!!!!!!  Today's theme for Adventures Of Stamping is french tip.  Now since it's stamping and since we all have those pesky french tip images we don't ever use, I took it to mean use one of those ding dang stamping images!  I'm sure other gals will stamp and then do a french tip though.   

For mine I decided to do a gradient french tip--YES gradient french tip with neons even!!!!

This is a gradient using The Nail Junkie's Orange and Watermelon.  These are gorgeous neons with micro and I mean micro holographic shimmer!
I think this turned out quite lovely!
I did put down white first to get the maximum effect out of my neons.

Now here's where the magic happened!
BAZINGA!!!!! Check our this hotness!!!!!!!
My first thought was flames but after I got this image on I really thought it looked more like a tiger.  I polled my friends and they agreed!
I used image M62 to create this awesome look!
But of course it was made more awesome by Nail Junkie Orange and Watermelon!!!
I was so excited to get pics taken I didn't even do a great clean up job LOL!  I've got glitter all over!
I really think I "tipped" a$$ with this manni!!!!  How fun is this for summer??!!!

I can't wait to show the gang over at AIS!

Today mom and I are braving the heat--91 blistering degrees--and going to see Man Of Steel.  It's going to be hard not to eat popcorn so I'm going to bring some cheese curds!  I've got to think outside the box these days!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a great day!

And remember tonight is Super Moon!!! Make sure you check the full moon tonight as it's the closest it will be to Earth this year!!!


  1. Naturally - I love this mani. It has everything gorgeous in it!!! ♥
    And I also really like your new background! I think I'm gonna try that in a mani ;-)

  2. You are so good with the French tip stamps! I wish I was this good! I need to practice more!