Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Funny thing happened on the way to the camp ground . . .

Hi Everyone!  I survived the camping weekend even with the full moon!!  Nary a werewolf in sight BUT I had a major acetone accident.  I kid you not my acetone bottle leaked all over my camera and my camera melted!  OH THE HORROR!  I'm pretty upset about it but no use crying over spilled acetone!  I'm putting together a few nail parties and doing up a bunch of mani's to help my cause!  I figure by the end of June I should be good to go!

In the meantime I do have an old camera that's not so great when it comes to color accuracy.  I hope you'll all be able to bear with me until I get a new one.  

On the bright side I do have a few mani pics I have posted yet with the old camera--may he rest in peace--so I'll post a few of them!
I did a "dirty" gradient with Pure Ice Draped and Soflajo White Sensation
I love this "hot" matte look for summer!!!!
It's almost blinding!
I can't believe I used to hate matte!  Crazy!!! I really love it!!!
There's just something about pink, white and black together don't you think???!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and good day back at work yesterday!!


  1. Love this manicure, but oh my word I would be devastated if my camera got broken in such a way. Well, got broken at all of course, but melted by acetone? That's just harsh. I hope you manage to make enough pennies to buy a new one soon :) xx

  2. I cringed and spent $10 + S&H to get my hands on an 8 oz bottle of Zoya Remove+. Not for the remover (it's good, but I can make the same thing for pennies with Loodie's recipe), but for the bottle. It's spill proof and almost guaranteed leak proof. I polish at my oak desk and although I have a plastic cutting board in front of my monitor to protect the finish from polish, a remover spill would be disastrous. You can tip that bottle upside down and it won't spill. I do still put it in a ziploc for travel, just in cause the lock top somehow unlocked and the pump got pressed, but so far that hasn't happened. Check it out. I was so worth that $10.

  3. IT was so worth that $10, lol.