Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hi Ho it's off to 'faux' camping we go!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Saturday!!!!  We are loading up the car right now to head out to the camp ground.  For years we have been going out to Timber Trails Camp Ground in West Bend, WI.  It is a really nice camp ground with plenty of trees and it looks so lush and lovely this time of year.  Weather wise we are looking at cloudy in the high fifties possibly low 60's.  No rain in the forecast though!

I'm bring out a bunch of neons and my Summer Zoya collections both these year and last year and a few of my stamping plates so I can do nails out there for the crew.  Today is taco day so I've got my guacamole fixins all packed up so I can make it before we eat AND a nice huge tub of good old Texas Caviar as well!  It's going to be so much fun!!!

I tossed together a quick neon gradient as I know it will be well appreciated by niece Alex, who has already said I better not forget the neon's lol!

Too bad there's no sun!
I stamped using BM318 and Mash-41 which I think are perfect images for any neon!!

Here's my inspiration!
Sure wish there would be some of these pretty hibiscus where we're going!

I hope everyone has a great day today--remember to be wary on the roads during this holiday season!


  1. This is really pretty!! Love the colors!

  2. SOooooooooooo beautiful!!!
    and that flower pic is gorgeous too!

  3. I hate camping, but I hope you have fun! Your niece is right neons are awesome! I wouldn't want you to forget them either!

  4. Gorgeous gradient! Making me wish I was somewhere tropical :)

  5. We stayed there last July, very nice campground, only issue is that the turn for the dump station was too tight for us. Great area for biking and we did some Geocaches, too. People seemed very nice, too.

    Those are some super fun nails.