Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!!!!! Zoya Skittle Smackdown!

Hi Everyone!!! Today's challenge theme for Adventures In Stamping is over a skittle base.  This is always challenging for me because it's SO hard for me to be random LOL!  I decided to haul out my Zoya's both old and new and see what I could do.  I yanked both the Stunning and Beach collection out and went to town.  Now mind you I did all 10 fingers so 10 different shades AND I had to try to take pics of the right hand with the left hand and it's not pretty lol!

In this corner the Left Hand!!
From thumb to pinkie--Josie, Micky, Thandie, Darcy and Rocky

And in this corner---the Right Hand!
From thumb to pinkie--Reagan, Lara, Tracie, and Wednesday

And here's a collage of all the smackdown goodness

So my thoughts are I love Reagan so much better one than in the bottle as she dries darker, and I do think I love these year's Stunning collection just a smidge more than last year's Beach.  Stunning has some nice fun bright colors!

Of course the theme is always about STAMPING so I stamped lol!

First up the Left Hand!!!

And now the Right Hand (pictures aren't that clear because when you're 50 you suddenly shake like a drunken sailor while trying to hold steady)

I wanted to keep the stamping simple since my nails were already so busy with skittles so I chose the DRK-B for the butterflies and DRK-C for the flowers

What do you think???  Way too much color on two hands or can you dig it???  Which Zoya collection do you like best?

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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