Monday, May 13, 2013

Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday--Pointless Cafe!!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Monday!  I'm wearing a skittles mani today with the lovely Zoya Irresistible Collection.  When I first got these babies I said to myself, ooooh I bet these are going to look fabulous matte.  Wellllllll someone beat me to it!  The lovely Sheila from Pointless Cafe did this awhile back and of course I was in love with them!

Ooooh they are so stunning with a matte polish over them!  Hazel and Rikki almost remind me of a suede finish when they are matted!
Here is Rikki, Amy, Hazel and Bobbi--index to pinkie

And here's the lovely Kerry on thumbie!

Zoya does an OUTSTANDING job with their foil finish polishes!!

Sheila did a fabulous post with them all with shiny topcoat and it's also where I saw her do them matte!  Check it out HERE

My collage isn't anywhere near as good as her's since I don't have a fancy camera but I had to copy it none the less!

Zoya keeps putting out super gorgeous polishes for the summer that's for sure!

You should always try to matte a foil or metallic finish!!! You won't be sorry!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. They do look stunning on you! I prefer non-mattes on myself though, but I'm reconsidering a bit now :)

  2. those do look very interesting when matted. how cool.

  3. I actually like them BETTER matte! Great job!