Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tale As Old As Time

Hey Everyone!! Happy Mother's Day to all my readers who are moms!  Today's challenge theme for Adventures In Stamping is Your Favorite Fairy Tale.  Yikes!  I'm not kidding when I say I didn't really have a favorite fairy tale growing up.  I'm pretty old, so we didn't have all the wonderful Disney movies when I was a kid.  Bambi, Dumbo, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella that was pretty much it.  And while I didn't have much of a fascination with them I really LOVED Tarzan LOL!  When I was a young girl it was dream to be a Missionary in Africa driving around in my Winnebago.  I always figured if I got into any trouble, like fall in quick sand or almost getting eaten by a lion that Tarzan would swoop down and save me.  My poor dad had to break it to his daughter, Tarzan wasn't real.  OH THE HORROR!

My sweet friend Jin says the reason I love all my "mommy porn" books is because of the Tarzan fascination.  She tells me all guys in my "mommy porn" books are like Tarzan LOL!  She might be right!  I do so love my big alpha males!

Okay so no Tarzan for me, I mean how would I stamp Tarzan?  And he's not remotely similar to a fairy tale at all--so next up to bat is my favorite Fairy Tale brought to movie--Beauty And The Beast.  How can anyone not love a tale about a girl looking past the outside of a man to fall in love with the inside?  How does anyone not love the message of a story when it's "true love conquers all"?

So with that in mind I give you my interpretation of Beauty And The Beast
I sort of stayed within the color realm of blue and yellow for this one
And I have to say I think my yellow gradient is a really awesome gradient!  Too bad I didn't get pics of it without stamping over it!
I used all 3 Bundle Monster sets to create this beauty too!  My index and pinkie are Orly Sweet Peacock with a coat of Milani Blue Flash over it, some white striping and then stamping with BM16.  My thumb and swear are a gradient of Pure Ice A List and Orly Sweet Peacock with stamping of BM221.  My ring finger is a gradient of Sinful Unicorn, Zoya Pippa, and Sinful Pull Over stamped with BM323
I really wanted to do an interpretation of the story and not use a plate with images of the story.  I'm glad it turned out the way I imagined!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!!


  1. LMAO "oH THE HORROR", you made me laugh hard here! lool! I also love beauty and the beast, more than Tarzan I confess lol. I like your mani! :) Kisses


  2. Lovely manicure !! I love all the Disney movies (please note we're close in age) and lol oh the horror?!?!?!? Happy Mother's Day :)

    1. All those dreams dashed away, it just almost breaks a young girls heart LOL! Of course I've also learned you really don't drown when you get stuck in quick sand either LOL!