Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lead me to the Rock

Hi Everyone!  I hope you all have been enjoying some of the cool mani's in rock week.  I got a little lazy last night with this one as I have not 1, not 2 but 3 new books to read!  I had preordered a couple and then discovered I missed a must read author so I had to go back for more LOL!  I already finished one book.  I read it "cover to cover" on the kindle last night and it was SO good!  Jill Shalvis' 4th installment in her Animal Magnetism series.  The 4th one is called Rumor Has It and just like always Jill gives a great story!  HIGHLY recommend her to any of you who love contemporary romance!

Just because I was lazy though doesn't mean I have a slouch to show you in the mani department!

I hauled out my foils and FINALLY tried them with my Nailuv Gel Lite System.  The results were smashing!  So much so I did not stamp on them!!!
I'm using this lovely foil mani as Ruby!
The foil I used is called Cherry O's and came from Dollar Nail Art
Look at all the holographic glow and sparkle!
I think this is darn close the fiery beauty of a ruby!

I'll report back on how these held up with the gel over them.  They sure look pretty without any wrinkles!


  1. Wow, this is gorgeous!

  2. Holy crap wow! What a great idea to use foils, and they do look flawless and gorgeous sans wrinkles. I had never thought to use gel over them before!