Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Between a rock and a hard place

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Hump Day!  How have you been handling the time change so far.  I pretty much hate it.  Does Mother Nature think we're stupid?   We know a day or two after the time change, in this case--"fall" back when we look at the clock at see 8pm it's really 9pm for crying out loud!  I'm  normally in bed by 9 so I start fading fast around so called 7pm LOL!

I've got another based on a "real" rock mani for you today.  I saran wrapped and splodged and followed no particular rhyme or reason to come up with today's stone!
I know this stone is some sort of jasper but I really don't know which one
I also think I should have gone with brown instead of black on top BUT this turned out way cool so I'm happy as is!
I used a bunch of greens!  I know for sure I have Sinful Colors Innocent and Pistache in here along with Illmasqua Rampage and I think I did a touch of Zoya Pippa to boot!  And of course some black on top
A pretty close doppleganger for my stone--I think it should be call the tree frog jasper!
I really do love this green mash up mani and I hope I can remember to use something like this again for St Patrick's Day!!

What do you think?  Do you like the mani's to look like an actual rock or do you prefer yesterday's mani  of just the solid color?


  1. This looks amazing! They are so perfect, almost doesn't look like nail polish but like awesome nail wraps everyone would love to have. Your nails are way cooler though because you painted them yourself :)

  2. Wow, your mani looks VERY cool!

  3. Love the texture and the colors!! This also makes me think of like tiny frog camo :p

  4. this is EXACT. Its also the most detailed saran wrap i've ever seen. Bravo ! xx