Friday, November 8, 2013

Can you smell la la la la what the Rock is cookin'?

Hi Everyone!!  Happy Friday!  I'm certainly thankful to have a couple of days off of work.  I finally getting my hair cut tomorrow!  My fab hairdresser, Marcy, has been out with a bum foot for a while.  And since I love her best I wasn't going to settle for anyone else, hence some pretty long a$$ hair!  I don't handle long a$$ hair well either LOL!

The mani I have for today is the whole reason why rocks & minerals week happened!  I did this mani AGES ago and loved it so much and was entirely too proud of it so my fab friend Debbie of The Crumpet said "hey let's do a Rocks & Minerals week so you can show it off!"  And really who am I to argue?

Today I've done a mani to recreate Bornite aka the peacock stone. It's an amazing stone that mimics the colors of a peacock.  To get my look I used all Zoya Textured's--Arabella, Carter and Liberty
Here I am holding my beautiful Bornite.  I got this one on the same fabulous trip to South Dakota!  It's one of my most prized rocks!
It's pretty cool how the textured's made the perfect gradient to mimic my stone!
I think all in all this turned out fantastic!
I hope you enjoyed this week's theme!  I know I sure did!  I think my fellow bloggers all did a fantastic job with this theme as well!


  1. Ahh beautiful! I LOVE the colours :-D

    1. You can just never say no to some peacock colors!! Thanks Paint!

  2. Wow! I love, love, love this!! The colours are gorgeous and I think the textured varnish really makes it! Thanks for sharing it!!

  3. This is my FAVORITE mani from you this week! What an amazing stone and matching mani. I love love love it :)