Monday, February 29, 2016

Must be Leap Year!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday!  I'm not sure about you but today at work we just had nothing but weird stuff happening today!  First of all the office was invaded by stink bugs.  Now by invaded I mean 2 but still people were freaking out all over the place. It's a bug, it was on the ceiling it wasn't near anyone's desk yet the freak out still occurred.

Next were the strange requests, "Can I do this?"  "Can I do that?" "I want to do do this but I don't have any information you need in order to process this request for me"  OMG it was definitely a topsy turvy day!  Thankfully I have some fabulous coworkers so we just laughed and trudged along.

Since it seemed such a wavy crazy day I decided to do some stamping that looks how this day felt today. I started with a base of Paintbox Polish Pygmy Puff a really neat medium coral color with gold flakies that dries matte.  I stamped with Mundo Aqua and Black again leaving it matte without topcoat.  I used my geometric EDM-09 and FUN 15 plates
I thought about adding some white to this somehow 
I just haven't decided how I could pull it off
I'm still not happy with my camera set up either.  I bought 2 desk lamps thinking they would work great but NOPE totally yellow looking so I'm still climbing in the bath tub taking pictures
Maybe I can toss a few white circles on here tomorrow--we'll see.

Maybe tomorrow will be a perfectly normal day and I wont feel the need to keeps this wavy mani on LOL!

How was your leap year day???

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